If this was your perfect post, it would begin with an intriguing paragraph that would stimulate the reader's interest and make them crave the rest. That way you get them to see the inserted advertising without driving them away because the post starts with an advertising.

First, the video insert to stir some visual thrill. This is simply done by copy and paste Youtube video URLs. There can be 1 or unlimited videos.

Social Media Post Alert

Social Media Post Alert

Get the updates published to your website immediately as it is posted to the list of social media accounts assigned to ...
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Above is a product link that is strategically inserted below the video to immediately interest the reader because the video suggested the product. It is easily inset with a simple shortcode as [ product="2"] and it can be done using the TinyMCE shortcode insert plugin. Styling the inserted object is done simply with the theme CSS file and use the class name .post-inset.product or just set the widget styling configs. Wikkid!

This is just some filler text to bloat the example article.

Uniquely syndicate compelling internal or "organic" sources through parallel benefits.

Got any questions about our services?

Stick in an action form to collect some data incase the reader did not purchase but has an interest. This helps to ensure the article had some level of conversion.

Below is a link to an article which may be related and encourages the viewer to check it out and therefore lingering even longer at your well formed website. Like the product insert, a post is set using the TinyMCE shortcode insert.

How to develop captivating content for your blogs

How to develop captivating content for your blogs

Below is a banner ad widget which loads a different banner per page load. It is inserted via a shortcode as simply [ widget="16"] and that is done simply with the shortcode TinyMCE plugin, or simply type it in. Each widget show its ID so it is no challenge to know what the value is.

Once the reader gets to the end, they may be so sensationalized by the article that they feel the need to share across their networks, and that gives you free advertising. The share links below can be limited to as many as desired, just by setting the global configs or set per category. It's all about total control over the display.

View and test all the functions at the demo admin area

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